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ISSOP 2018 / Documentation






ISSOP-2018-Program-Abstracts (pdf, 2,4 MB)







Presentations (sorted by program)

Thursday, September 27

Introduction to Program

Plenary 1, Recent advances in the science and communication of brain development

Plenary 2, NZFH Sponsored-Symposium: Early integrated health and psychosocial services for vulnerable children: Clinical and systems approaches and evidence for quality care

Workshops: Early Intervention Services

Free Papers, Session 1: Interventions to support child development

Free Papers, Session 2: General conditions for the development of children

Friday, September 28

Plenary 3, Global Child Development: Systems and Policy to address ECD of Vulnerable Children

Plenary 4, A Child Rights and Equity-based Approach and Measures to Early Child Development: Systems and Policy

Special lecture: Peace Policy and Child Health

Workshops: Systems and Policy

Plenary 5a, Promoting development of children with chronic complex conditions – challenges and solutions

Plenary 5b, The role of schools in integration

Saturday, September 29

Free Papers, Ssession 3: Children on the move

Free Papers, Session 4: Children´s rights




ISSOP-2018-Flyer (pdf), update September 10, 2018